What makes this blog different?

“I’ve looked at so many how-to blogs.  They all seem the same to me.  Confusing!  So what is so special about this blog?”


What makes this blog different?

This blog really is different.  It is aimed at people who find the new online internet world to be a strange place.  This blog aims to ease you into the wild world of the internet, and particularly the world of blogging.  How?

  • Table of contents : blogs are set up in reverse chronological order.  That means as each new post (article) is published, the older posts are pushed down in the list.  It can be hard to find posts that were written awhile back.  Search bars, categories and tags, and archives help somewhat.  But this blog will feature an old fashioned table of contents.   Click your mouse on the “Table of Contents” heading at the top of the page.  Easy!
  • Glossary : blogs about blogging use a lot of words you may never have heard before, or use familiar words in strange new ways.  This blog has a glossary of words commonly used in blogging.  In the posts, those words appear in blue (well, slightly purple!) and are underlined.  If you don’t know the meaning of the word, click on it with your mouse.  You will be taken to the glossary where you can scroll down the page till you find the word or phrase – in alphabetical order, of course.  Or you can click on the “Glossary” heading at the top of the page.
  • Tip of the day : each blog post will feature a “tip of the day” at the end – a helpful little hint to help you along on your blogging journey.
  • Extra resources : at the end of most blog posts, you will find links to blog posts by other bloggers, or sometimes a reference to (or a review of) a good book, on that topic.
  • Real life examples :  The information on this blog will include real life examples, often from my own blogging experiences.  They might be in the form of stories, or links to examples from my other blogs and websites, or best of all, you might find the topic actually being used right in that post!
  • Special information for authors and writers about writing and publishing on the internet.  There are huge changes happening in the world of writing and publishing – and yet many of the basics are still the same, so it really isn’t as overwhelming as it seems.  We will talk about how what you already know and do can be applied to the new ways.  This is an area of special interest to me, and I will be posting about it at least once a week.
  • Put it into action : Each post will include a “put it into action” feature, which will encourage you to DO something related to your blog (and of course, related to the topic at hand).  Blog is a verb!

Question:  What else can I do to make the process of learning to blog easier for you?  Please tell me in the comment section below.  Thank you!

Tip of the day:  Start simple.  Don’t worry about getting your blog perfect.  Just get it going.  You can add bells and whistles later.

Put it into action:  Check out the Glossary and the Table of Contents right now.  (They will keep growing, too, so go back and revisit them from time to time.  Make good use of them.

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