What This Blog Isn’t About

It’s great to see you here at Blog Basics 4 Total Beginners.  We hope you find lots of helpful information and ideas….   BUT ….  There are some things that this blog isn’t about.  If you have come here looking for the topics listed below, you might want to consider checking out other blogs – after, of course, you’ve taken a good look at what really is here.  You can check that out by taking a look at our Table of Contents.  Go ahead! Take a look and see what we do cover.  Then click that back-arrow ( <— ) at the top of the page and come back here to see what we do not cover.

Okay!  Great, you’re back!  Now on to…

What This Blog Isn’t About :

  • This blog DOES NOT contain step-by-step how-to’s and tutorials for using blog platforms like wordpress or blogger  (this blog is built on the wordpress.com platform, in case you are wondering).  BUT in another post I will give you links to some excellent blogs that can do that job far, far better than I can.  And we will make lots of suggestions of ways to use your platform to optimize your blog, and  will discuss some of the differences between some popular platforms.
  • This blog DOES NOT contain step-by-step how-to’s and tutorials on how to use your actual computer.  If you have managed to find this blog, we assume you know the basics of simple computer use.  BUT we will not just assume you know how a blog works.  So we will try to make it as simple as possible for you to get around in this blog, and give you lots of tips and explanations about how blogs work.  You will also learn to use (and create) blogs as we walk you through those processes.  The best way to learn is to DO!  Please actively try out all the instructions we give, as you come to them.
  • This blog DOES NOT give you detailed explanations of how to make big bucks by blogging.  There are endless blogs that do that.  BUT we will explain the basics of monetization.  We will give you enough directions to get you started, and will suggest a variety of methods of money making that you can try.  We will also give you links to some other blogs that do a good job of teaching about monetization.  You should keep in mind that some so-called “how-to” monetization blogs are really just trying to make a lot of money for themselves.  Caveat emptor – buyer beware!
  • This blog IS NOT another annoying social-marketing-money-grabbing-blog.  You will not find us using heavy-duty sales pressure on you.  BUT from time to time we may offer you a report or an e-book or a special mini-course on a particular topic.  We will also be offering a free e-mail newsletter, and possibly a special membership forum.  Many of these special offers will be free.  Other times they will cost a small amount, because of the extra effort and research to put them together.  And if you find this blog to be extremely helpful and would like to make a donation to help keep us growing and improving, we will soon be providing a way you can do that.  But no pressure!
  • This blog WILL NOT teach you how to use mobile devices (cell phones and similar devices).  BUT we will explain ways you can make your blog accessible to users of such devices, and how you can use your own mobile devices to make posts to your blog and to your other related social media sites like facebook and twitter (if you decide to use those kinds of sites; they are helpful for a blogger, but not totally necessary, depending on your purpose and goals for your blog).
  • This blog WILL NOT teach you how to create a blog or website “from scratch.”  We will encourage you to start with a free blog platform that does the complicated background work for you, and then if you want to go on to bigger things you can try out a paid platform that gives you more options within the platform, plus allowing you to use HTML if you wish – or if you have a particularly technical bent, you may wish to go on to learning computer languages and creating your own more-or-less “from scratch” blog and/or website.  I have sites from different free platforms, from a paid platform, and a mostly “from scratch” website, and when the time comes I will introduce those sites and show you some of the differences.  (Oddly enough, I started with some of the more difficult processes, and have progressed to some of the easiest – but that is because the easy processes weren’t available when I started out).

Well, that’s about it.  If it turns out we don’t provide what you need, we encourage you to go ahead and find sites that do (and we will suggest some places you might want to start).  But if we do provide what you need, or at least enough to get you started on your adventure — welcome!  Come aboard and get started!

Question : Is there anything about this post that puzzles you?  Be sure to tell us in the comments area so we can help you understand better.

Tip of the day : Start a journal or binder (or an online notebook) today.  Make a list of 3 or 4 general topics that you think you might like to blog about.  Then, under each general topic, list a few (up to 7 or 8 ) special niches (narrow/sub-topics) you would like to cover for each general topic.  Also list some sub-topics for each general topic that you do NOT want to cover in your blog.  Put your list aside for a day or two, and then go back and choose the topic area you would most like to cover in your blog.

Put it into action : Is there terminology in this article that you don’t understand or would like more information about?  If the word or phrase is blue and underlined (linked), you can click on that word with your mouse, and you will go to the glossary where there is an explanation for it.   If there is terminology that is not linked, please tell us in the comments below, so we can add it to the glossary.  Do it now!  Oh! and put today’s TIP into action right now, too!

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