A senior author who is now a blogger

Do you wonder why writers in their senior years would even want to blog?

Well-known journalist, and successful author of 6 books (one of which has been translated into 11 languages), 79 year old Christopher Foster took up blogging in the past two years and is enthusiastically encouraging others to do the same.

He lists the following reasons why it’s never too late to start blogging:

  1. blogging gives you focus
  2. blogging helps you stay young
  3. blogging helps you meet people from all over the world
  4. blogging gives you an opportunity to grow
  5. blogging has the potential to create income

You can read Christopher Foster’s full article here: Is It Too Late to Start Blogging?

You should also go to his blog, The Happy Seeker : Helping Boomers and All Ages Find Authentic Happiness.  His blog is an excellent example of how a senior who is also a writer can create a blog that:

  • is a place to share interests that he is passionate about
  • advertise his books
  • advertise his business (in this case, acting as a consultant to beginning bloggers, and to any writers who want to take their writing to the next level and become the best writers they can be)

Check it out now!

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