Some key features of websites (Part 2)

Please note: This is the sixth post in a series of posts on the general topic “What is a blog?”  The series includes the following posts:
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Some key features of websites : Part 1: Creation; Structure and technical aspects; Content;
– Some key features of websites : Part 2 : Authority; Website and blog overlaps; Advantages of websites; Some concerns about websites
Blog or website?  Your conclusions!


  • websites tend to be more formal and professional than blogs.  They are often owned by a company, organization, institution, or government, though individuals can also have websites.  A great many websites are “transactional” meaning that the purpose is to communicate about products and/or services.
  • websites are not generally interactive.  Some will have a “guest book” people can sign and leave comments on, and many have sales pages at which people can purchase products and/or services, but they do not feature the opportunity for discussing, commenting, and being relational like a blog.
  • like blogs, websites present content from a position of authority.  But with websites, the company or organization or institution is the brand and authority; and the writer(s) who contribute to the content (even to blogs associated with the website), are under that authority.

Website and blog overlaps:

  • Now, with some blog platforms, it is possible to create a website, or a website-blog hybrid.  If a website is created on a blog platform, the front page will be static, even though there may also be a blog.  Some website platforms, like, now allow you to add a blog by linking to a blog platform.
  • more and more websites now include a blog.  Some link to the blog; others attach the blog in various ways; and some put the blog on the site’s home page because search engines really do favor blogs.

Advantages of websites:

Now that you have read about some key differences between blogs and websites, what would you say are the advantages of websites?  What would tempt you to create a website for yourself or your business, rather than a blog?

Some concerns about websites:

What would you say are the concerns related to websites, for yourself?  What would make you skittish about starting your own website for yourself and/or your business?

Question:  Check out the questions in the “advantages” and “concerns” sections above.  What are YOUR answers?

Tip of the Day:  Great way to learn about blogs and/or websites:  Actively read sites you identify with.  Observe, converse, comments, check out past posts, see how they deal with various situations, figure out how their site is set up and why.

Put it into Action:  On a sheet of paper (or on your computer) divide the page into 4 sections: blog pros, blog cons, website pros, website cons.  Thinking about your reason for starting your own online presence, list the pros and cons of blogs and websites FOR YOURSELF.  Look over your list.  What direction is it heading?

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