Blog or website – your conclusions

Please note: This is the final post in a series of posts on the general topic “What is a blog?”  The series includes the following posts:
Blog or website – what’s the difference?
Some key features of blogs:  Part 1:   Creation; Structure and technical aspects
Some key features of blogs : Part 2 : Content; Community and relationship building
Some key features of blogs:  Part 3:  Blogs and websites sometimes overlap; Advantages of blogs; Some concerns about blogs
Some key features of websites : Part 1: Creation; Structure and technical aspects; Content;
Some key features of websites : Part 2 : Authority; Website and blog overlaps; Advantages of websites; Some concerns about websites
– Blog or website?  Your conclusions!

Blog or website?  Your conclusions!

Would you rather have a website?  Or a blog?  Or possibly a combination of both?  Or maybe you will just go with a simple micro-blog like a facebook page or twitter account?  Or maybe you feel that you do not need a web presence for yourself.  What factors are influencing your decisions?  To help you make a decision, try this:

Write a short post (perhaps up to 250 words) telling the rest of us your feelings about starting a blog or website or hybrid or micro-blog (or none of the above) for yourself and/or your business.  Tell us your choice, and explain your reasons.  Write your post in the comments section below.  It will help you think this through, will help others make their own decisions – and if you think a blog might be the choice for you, then congratulations! You will have just written a blog post!

Whatever you decided, please stick with us.  Come back again, and see what else we’ll be talking about.  (Hint: Check out the Table of Contents for an idea of what our future here holds).  Remember, too, that you can use some blog platforms as a platform for a website rather than a blog.  We’ll be talking more about that down the line.

And if you have found these posts helpful, why not tell others about them?  For some hints on how to spread the word about this blog, go to our Contact page.  Sharing on the internet is really easy – often it takes nothing more than the click of a mouse button, and/or perhaps typing in a short comment.

If you have personal questions about all this – Contact Me!

Question of the day:  Today’s questions are in the post above!  Why not answer them in the comments section at the end of the post?

Tip of the day: Even if you don’t post every day on your blog, be sure to write something every day.

Put it into Action:  Answer the questions in the post, in the comments section below ….  Done?  Wasn’t that simple?  Blogging is not nearly as overwhelming as you might think!

If you are ready to start blogging right now, I would recommend one of the following:

  • If you are seriously ready to start blogging NOW, and want an excellent step-by-step guide to doing it, for which you are willing to make a small investment,  I highly recommend the ProBloggers’ Guide to Your First Week of Blogging.  Each step only takes a very short time (minutes, to an hour or so) daily for a week, and you’ll be well on your way.  The price is $19.99, which you can pay by PayPal or on your credit card.  You can download the e-book to your computer or e-reader immediately, and get to it!
  • If on the other hand, you’re not quite ready to invest, but would like to try something totally free, the official Learn also gives good, straightforward step-by-step instructions.  It’s not a download, so you’ll want to “bookmark” (“favorite”) it, so that you can easily go back for help whenever you need it.
  • I do like as a blog starter (both recommendations so far use it) because it is free, has lots of options, and you can easily upgrade to the more professional very easily if you want to in the future.  However….
  • Another really easy option for beginners is Google’s Blogger.  It is a very simple platform, and if you think that’s all you’ll need long-term, or you just want a really simple place to experiment, Blogger might be for you.  It’s free too, and Google has been adding some nice features lately that give it more options.  I use it for one of my blogs, and for the basic purposes of the blog, it works fine.

If you still aren’t quite sure about blogging, stay tuned for our next series:  Why Blog? 

We’ll be answering that question in 3 parts for:

  1. folks in general;
  2. seniors in particular; and
  3. author’s in particular.

Even if you’re going to start a blog right now, you’ll still want to stay tuned here.  The sites I’ve recommended will help you get started with the technical aspects of blogging, but here we’ll be constantly guiding you in many other important aspects!

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