Why blog? Reasons to blog – part 1

This post is part of a series: “Why blog?”  The 4 posts in this series include:
– Reasons to blog, part 1:  Personal development;  Develop your ideas; Develop your writing; Help others
Reasons to blog, part 2:  Get noticed; Network; Education; Business; Offline opportunities
Why seniors should blog
Why authors should blog

Personal development:

  • discover yourself: your characteristics, your thoughts and ideas; your values; your goals, motivations, objectives.  Then you can turn that self-knowledge into positive action, and help others.
  • clarify your thinking: as you write, you will analyze your ideas and beliefs.  You will discover your presuppositions and understand how they affect your beliefs, choices, and decisions.  You will learn to trust yourself.  And you may even decide to make changes in your life.  The feedback and encouragement from your readers will help in this journey.
  • share your passions, ideas, and creativity:  and your readers will encourage and inspire you to broaden your perspective and ideas even further.  What may have been only a dream for you can become a reality, which you can share with others.
  • develop your character: self-discipline, perseverance, endurance, personal voice
  • learn new skills:  communication skills, build your brand, entertain
  • community: develop friendships and learn together with people who share your interests

Develop your ideas:

  • Choose a niche:  your travels, hobbies, volunteer work, business, personal stories, other interests
  • Start with what you know:  Share your unique perspectives and experience.
  • Collect new ideas: Ask your community (readers) for their input and help.  Find mentors.  Research and gain expertise.  Keep the conversation going and growing.  Enrich your ideas by being open to the comments and perspectives of others.
  • Innovate: try out new ways of doing things.  Be creative.  Become a leader and developer.
  • Mentor others.  Keep the process going.

Develop your writing:

  • Write regularly:  Your skills will grow.  Learn to edit. Take writing classes.  Try different writing forms on your blog; mix it up and keep it fresh and interesting.
  • New communication forms:  Go beyond “just writing.”  Try photography, graphic design, video, broadcasting, webinars, tutorials.
  • Professional writing: Let your daily blogging be a test-drive in writing as a full-time vocation.  Develop a broader following for your current professional writing ventures.  Build your reputation and gain visibility.

Help others:

  • Share your knowledge:  Contribute to a larger audience.  Offer to mentor.  Give back to your profession, or to those who have given to you.
  • Change the world:  Give passionately.  Build up something you believe in.  Create interest and momentum.  Your growing platform and influence will allow you to put your ideas and dreams for a better world into practice.
  • Be creative:  Blog in new ways; improve the medium.  Find new ways to work within your niche and passion.  Start something new.  Be on the cutting edge.  Reject apathy and dull conformity.

Question of the Day:  Do any of these reasons to blog resonate with you?  Which ones?  (If these reasons don’t grab you, be sure to read the rest of this series before you decide that blogging isn’t for you!)

Tip of the Day:  Clearly determine the purpose of your blog – and state it prominently!

Put it into Action:  It’s time to start planning.  If you haven’t done so yet, set up a notebook (a binder perhaps, or a folder and files on your computer) for your blogging adventure.  Set up a “Why blog?” page – and start listing YOUR reasons to blog.  Then, as you go ahead with your blog, you can check back to that page often, and keep on track.

And feel free to share your “why blog?” ideas with us in the comments section below.  You might as well get used to sharing with the world, right?

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