Why seniors should blog

This post is part of a series: “Why blog?”  The 4 posts in this series include:
Reasons to blog, part 1:  Personal development;  Develop your ideas; Develop your writing; Help others
Reasons to blog, part 2:  Get noticed; Network; Education; Business; Offline opportunities
– Why seniors should blog
Why authors should blog

Bloggers are all ages:

  • and all cultures, and all kinds of careers and lifestyles and outlooks and interests.
  • On the other hand, only about 3% of seniors are blogging so far – so it’s a wide open area!  Get in on the ground floor, and be a leader and innovator.

Life stories worth telling:

  • You have stories worth telling, stories young folks want to hear and learn from.  Share your stories, please!
  • Youth live in a world of immediacy and instant everything.  We need your long term perspective, the longer-term wander down memory lane.
  • Your stories reflect your lifetime of knowledge and wisdom:

Elderbloggers have been through the ringer and back again, and have wisdom to spare…  In a culture of rampant age-ism, we have forgotten just how much we need the sage advice of the experienced…  the honesty of first-hand accounts is invaluable…  This is your chance to spin your yarns, share your expertise, and exercise your techie muscles…  The world is waiting for your story.  And I, for one, will be standing first in line to glean a few nuggets from your deep mine of experience.  (TopsyTechie)

A unique, valuable perspective:

  • You have your own unique viewpoint nurtured over many years and through many experiences.
  • Your perspective may actually be fresh and new!  So many blogs are by young people so in this case older may actually be innovative to many readers.

Give back:

  • to your profession, to your community, to those who have given much to you.
  • Consider consulting: what have you spent years doing professionally or personally?  There are surely people who need access to your skills and experience.  This is a way to reach them, without geographic constraints.

A new adventure:

  • Never stop learning.  Do your research.  Stay on top of what’s happening in your field.
  • Or start exploring something new – even the exercise of trying out the blog technology and media approach is a great new adventure.
  • Keep your mind sharp even while your body might not be so nimble anymore.
  • Learn to communicate your ideas more effectively by trying out today’s new forms of effective communications.
  • Meet new people from around the world, and rebuild relationships with friends who you may have lost contact with long since.  Think of blogging as a virtual around-the-world-cruise that stops at numerous ports and involves you in the lives of people from every culture.
  • Keep up on current events, viewpoints, discussions on a myrid of topics.

Question of the Day:  If you are a senior, what are your reasons to blog?  Add your thoughts in the comments below.  If you aren’t a senior, why would you like to see more seniors blogging?  What would you like them to share?  Tell us in the comments below.

Tip of the Day:  Be yourself when you blog.  Be honest and authentic.  Keep your readers interested in your point of view.

Put it into Action:  In your blog planning binder (or computer folder), add any new reasons for YOU to blog that you learned from today’s post, or that you’ve come up with on your own.

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