Authors need to blog – details part 1

This is part of a series “Authors Need to Blog.”  The series includes these posts:

Part 1:  You like to write; Build an audience;
Part 2:  Build your brand; Improve your writing; Start right now;
Part 3:  Market, market, market;
Part 4:  Some “but’s”;
Part 5:  A final wrap-up quote, and some excellent references to check out.

You like to write:

  • Whether writing comes naturally to you, or you’ve worked hard to become a writer, you enjoy expressing yourself in words.  A blog is another widely read forum to do that.
  • As a writer, you are a communicator.  Your blog allows you to build and improve on those skills, and try out new communication venues such as video-blogging, graphics and art-work, broadcasting, and more, at a minimal cost.
  • Blogs have a friendly, community style atmosphere.  You gain all the advantages of blogs (see below) without an overwhelming sense of performance pressure.
  • A blog serves as a great “home office” in cyberland!

Build an audience:

  • Start building an audience long before your book is published. Engage current readers, potential readers, and your writing peers too.  Build their trust in you as a writer and as an authority in your area…
  • … and then you’ll have an audience waiting for your next book or other writing, and they’ll be spreading the word to others who will also come to your blog and start following you too.
  • Build your value as a writer.  The more places your readers find you, the more they learn from you, the more they will want to read more from you.
  • Build connections with other bloggers in your niche and/or genre.  They will become a supportive community.
  • Offer writing tips, how-tos, and perhaps even some critiquing.  Or offer interesting, useful information related to your genre.  If you write historical romances, for example, share some of the interesting research you’ve done that didn’t make it into the book, or that provided important background to the book.  Your audience will appreciate this added value.
  • You will connect with other writers. You’ll be able to comment on each other’s sites, encourage and learn from each other, guest post on each other’s sites.
  • As you converse with your readers through your blog posts, and in the comments and by email, you’ll be seen as more real and human.  Readers will see you as a person, a friend.
  • Post small excerpts of your writing to whet your readers’ appetites.  Also include good reviews, and links to locations where your readers can purchase your work.
  • When you get a book-signing or a radio interview, blog about it.  Readers love exciting content and hearing about your successes, and will keep coming back for more.  Write in such a way that they feel they were there with you.

Question of the day:  Which of the reasons for authors to blog is true for you?  Which of the suggestions could help grow your books’ readership and increase your book sales?

Tip of the day:  A blog is an opportunity to build your readership.  Seize the opportunity.  Put all your effort into it.  Don’t hesitate.  Do it now!  Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Put it into action:  In your author’s blog binder (or online notebook), add notes from today’s post that relate to you as an author.

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