Authors need to blog – details part 2

This is part of a series “Authors Need to Blog.”  The series includes these posts:

Part 1:  You like to write; Build an audience;
Part 2:  Build your brand; Improve your writing; Start right now;
Part 3:  Market, market, market;
Part 4:  Some “but’s”;
Part 5:  A final wrap-up quote, and some excellent references to check out.

Build your brand:

  • Don’t worry! blogging isn’t totally strange and new.  Much of your writing experience is transferable to the online forum.
  • As you build your blog, you build an online author brand and a media presence.
  • A strong brand leads to more recognition of your name, what you write, who you are.  That translates into sales of your books and/or other writing.
  • Blogging keeps you accountable.  People are watching and expecting.  Your regular, quality blog posts help keep your brand strong.
  • Your blog supports your other author activities, such as book sales, other writing activities, consulting, speaking, etc.  It makes your current brand stronger.
  • Loyal readers love to know more about their favorite authors’ lives.
  • A blog is a good venue to show how all your writing work is tied together.  It can be like a resume that highlights all your different publications and experiences.
  • Your blog can give you an opportunity to graciously answer your critics, if need be.
  • Blogging is an ideal location to keep your readers up-to-date on all your writing-related activities.
  • We live in a world where the internet is more and more involved in our professional and personal lives.  So a presence on the web is becoming increasingly critical.  A blog is an easy place to create your own internet hub.
  • Use your blog to build your readership of your self-published books.  A large readership will possibly land you a contract with a literary agent or major publisher.  But remember – in the end, it’s your amazing story that will really get you the deals.

Improve your writing:

  • Good writers practice every day.  A blog is a great place to do that.
  • Blogging expands your writing repertoire.  It has its own purpose and style.  Develop your writing skills with this new form.
  • Since as a blogger you want to post quality written material regularly, you will be motivated to keep reading, learning, and practicing.  A blog is an ideal forum for professional development.
  • Encourage your readers and fellow writers to share their thoughts about your writing, your genre, your writing-related interests and activities.  Listen to them.  Grow as a writer.
  • Consider mentoring or critiquing for new writers.  Teaching others is potentially the most effective way of growing and learning for yourself.
  • You can post samples of your writing and ask people to critique.
  • You can also ask what topics in your genre people might like you to turn into a new book or article.
  • A blog can be a sounding board for future ideas and projects – and even get feedback to improve your book before the actual publishing.
  • Gain experience with the expectations of on-line readers.  Use that in your next manuscript to attract that audience.  And publish in formats they like – such as e-books.

Start right now:

  • It takes time to build your blog content and to get noticed by search engines so people can find you by searching on google etc.
  • There are many choices of reading material, both offline and online.  It takes time to build a community of readers who want to read YOUR material.
  • It takes time and lots of exposure to build your brand, and establish recognition and authority.
  • Start talking about your upcoming book or other writing project.  Build buzz.  Get people excited.  Spread the word.  By the time your book is published, you’ll have developed a built-in audience ready to purchase it!

Question of the day:  What have you been doing to build your brand?  Do you even know what a brand is?  If not, check out “brand” here in the glossary – and then begin to think about what you can do to build YOUR brand and get it recognized.  With so many authors these days, and so much competition for readers,  it is crucial to develop a strong, recognizable brand!  Author, blogger, speaker and consultant Joanna Penn, who blogs at The Creative Penn, has an excellent article on author branding.  Check it out (and check out her entire site – so much useful information!).

Tip of the day: Create an awesome platform and brand for your work in order to attract your target audience.

Put it into action:  From today’s post, add reasons to your blog planning binder for why you, as an author, should start blogging.

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