Authors need to blog – part 5 wrap-up

This is part of a series “Authors Need to Blog.”  The series includes these posts:

Part 1:  You like to write; Build an audience;
Part 2:  Build your brand; Improve your writing; Start right now;
Part 3:  Market, market, market;
Part 4:  Some “but’s”;
Part 5:  A final wrap-up quote, and some excellent references to check out.

By now, I hope you are convinced that you, as an author, need to blog (or at the least, have a website with regular updates).

In wrapping up this series, I’d like to share some wise advice from an excellent writer and  blogger, Justine Musk, who tells authors to always remember:

There has to be a larger meaning that people can buy into, and engage with, and return to. That improves their lives in some way. Makes the world a better place.
Your vision needs to connect to your work. It needs to attract people who will prove to be ideal readers for your work (not all of them will, and that’s perfectly fine). And because your work is excellent – remember? – these readers will become your fans, or true fans, or even your evangelists who will spread the good news about you….
You are never just selling a novel. You’re providing a rich, well-crafted emotional experience that the reader depends on for escape and enlightenment.
Your are never just selling yourself. You’re providing a multi-faceted experience of meaning to the people who might – just might – develop into your devoted readership….
Writers who can give people the best and most powerful experiences – through their books and perhaps also their platform (both of which are excellent, remember) – and build their lists and networks of readers – stand the best chance of becoming truly influential. Influence is power. As ebooks dominate, and then become the norm, individuals (writers, editors and agents) can become their own brands and form their own imprints. They can publish and promote themselves – and others.

(You can read the rest of Justine’s post here.)

Finally, don’t just take my word for it that you should blog.  Check out these helpful posts from other bloggers, too:

Question of the day:  What is your vision?  What multi-faceted experience of meaning are you offering your potential readers, that they will want to buy into? How will it improve their lives?  How will it change the world?

Tip of the dayKnow your audience – and write for them!  Write as if you have an audience of thousands – and at the same time, an audience of one very special person.

Put it into action:  Sit down and make a list of characteristics of the “ideal reader” of your book(s).  What are this person’s age, gender, cultural background, educational level, personal interests, and life experiences?  Why are you writing for this person?  How will it impact their life if they decide to read your book(s) – and your blog?  Post your list up where you will see it every time you sit down to write.

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