A to Z’s of conquering blogging fears (introduction)

Congratulations!  The fact that you’re still here with us means that you really are thinking seriously about blogging.  Hopefully, in fact, you are not just “thinking” about it, but are already in the process of planning your blog – or best of all, you’ve already taken the plunge, started your blog, and are coming back every day to learn more about how to make your blog more awesome.

But maybe, just maybe, you’re still hanging back from making the blogging decision – because you’re still a little bit afraid.  This new series, “A to Z’s of Conquering Blogging Fears,” is here to help you overcome your fears once and for all.

So that each post isn’t too long, the A to Z’s of conquering blogging fear will be presented in a series of 6 posts:
Part 1: Affordability, Blog overload, Confusing, Don’t know enough
Part 2: Energy and time, Fear of failure, G____, Hackers and privacy
Part 3: Interaction, J____, K____, Life issues, Measure up
Part 4: Nothing new to say, O____, Perfectionist, Questions
Part 5: Risk, Self-consciousness, Technology, U_____
Part 6: V____, Writing isn’t good enough, X____, Y____, Z____

Be sure to come back for all the posts on conquering your blogging fears.

Question of the Day:  What blogging fears do you have?  How are they holding you back?  What can you do to conquer your fears?  If you have fear(s) not covered in this series, and you want help, let us know in the comments.

Tip of the Day:  Ignore anyone (especially yourself) who tells you it’s impossible!

Put it into Action:  This series is an easy opportunity for you to step forward and participate in this blog!  I’ve come up with blogging fears, and solutions to conquer them, for most of the alphabet.  But I need some help for the rest.  Do you have any fears that aren’t covered here?  Let me know in the comments, and we’ll add your fears and solutions to the list – along with your name, a short bio, and a link to your site and/or information on your book(s) and/or other writing activities. (Don’t worry if your particular fear doesn’t seem to fit one of the missing letters!  We’ll still happily post it!)

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