A to Z’s of conquering blogging fear – N to Q

Yes, you CAN conquer these blogging fears :  Nothing new to say, O____, Perfectionist, Questions

NOTHING NEW TO SAYYou fear that you have NOTHING NEW or interesting TO SAY

Fear not!  Every person in the world is unique.  Every person has had different life experiences, a different education, different cultural background, and so on.  At the same time, many people share common interests.  There are certainly people out there who have interests that are very similar to yours.  But because you and they are each unique, you and each of them can contribute something new and interesting to the conversation about your common interest.  Blogging is about conversation – and building relationships with those who share your interests.  With the online networking that is blogging, people from all over the world can access your thoughts and share theirs with you.  A blog is an ideal place to come with your small ideas, and build them with the help of your reader community.  Then together you can move on to put those ideas and interests into action – and quite possibly make valuable changes in the lives of individuals as well as for the world! Share your own ideas, add those of others, and you’ll start something new.  You are a creative human being and an inspiration to others.  You really are!  Believe it!  Act on it!

PERFECTIONIST: You are a PERFECTIONIST, and you fear you won’t be able to make your blog perfect right out of the gate.

Fear not!  If you’re aiming for perfection, relax.  There are no “rules for a perfect blog.”  Blogs are constantly evolving.  Determine why you want to blog, what your goals are, and who your target audience is – and then do what will help you achieve that.  We’ll give you ideas of things that have worked for other bloggers, but you be creative, and do what works for you.

QUESTIONSYou know you’ll have to ask QUESTIONS while learning to blog, and you fear that will make you look ignorant.

Fear not! Questions are the way we learn.  Look at a two-year old child.  Their favorite word is “why?”  The world’s great discoveries have come about because of people who are curious, and keep asking questions and seeking answers.  Smart people are question-asking people!  Be bold.  Ask questions, seek answers.  Yes, most of the world’s really technologically-savvy people are kids – and maybe you’re an adult, even a senior, and you aren’t used to asking kids for advice.  Don’t worry.  We can all learn from each other.  And as the saying goes, “There are no dumb questions, only dumb people who don’t ask questions.”  So ask away! Start by asking here – and if I don’t know the answer I’ll ask someone who does, and get back to you with an answer.  Maybe you’ll even be able to answer questions from others.  I’d love your help and participation.

Be sure to come back for the next post on conquering your blogging fears.  Links to the entire series can be found here.

Question of the Day:  What questions do YOU have about blogging?  Be sure to list them in the comments below so we can help you along on your blogging adventure.

Tip of the Day: Read this excellent post on the Stepcase Lifehack blog, just published today:  “7 ways to get over fear and make big life changes.”

Put it into Action:  Answer the “Question of the Day” in the comments below!  Do it NOW!

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