A to Z’s of conquering blogging fear – R to U

Yes, you CAN conquer these blogging fears:  Risk, Self-consciousness, Technology, U_____

RISKYou’re a conservative sort.  You’ve never liked taking RISKS.  Blogging seems like a big RISK.  So you fear it.

Fear not!  Can you write?  Can you type words into a square blank space and click on a “publish” button?  (The process is really simple – if a preschooler can do it, so can you!).  Do you like things that are free?  (There are many great blogs that have been made for free – like this one 🙂 ).  Do you have a spare half hour or so, three times a week?  (I know one blogger who is a senior, has extraordinary family and work responsibilities, and only blogs once a week – and I look forward eagerly to his weekly post!  You can see it here.)  What if nobody reads your blog? What if everybody reads your blog?  What if somebody doesn’t like what you have to say?  What if you express a viewpoint and then change that viewpoint later?  What if, what if, what if?  If you live like that, you’ll never accomplish anything.  Be bold.  Take a chance.  Take a very small risk.  Even if you decide after a time that blogging isn’t for you, your only real cost will have been some time – and you’ll have meanwhile become a better writer, met some interesting people, influenced some lives. That’s a pretty risk-free venture and outcome, wouldn’t you say?

SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS: You are SELF-CONSCIOUS, and are afraid people will judge you based on your blog.

Fear not!  Be yourself. The blogging world readership is potentially as large as the population of the globe!  There are folks out there who are looking for someone just like you!  If some people don’t appreciate what you say and do (and of course that will happen – it’s part of life), take a look at their complaint.  Determine if it’s something that you can work on, or if it just isn’t related to who you are and what you are doing.  Make changes if you want, or just ask the judging folks to move on.  Then go on to do your best to reach out and help those who appreciate your efforts.

TECHNOLOGY: You fear you are too old or not educated enough to communicate in these strange new TECHNOLOGIES.

Fear not!  If you fear the technology side of blogging, use a really simple platform like WordPress or Blogger.  Start with a super-simple blog design.  After all, the content – what you have to say, and the conversation you carry on with your readers – is what is most important.  If you need help, ask.  There are wonderfully simple tutorials on the web, but if those are intimidating (and they are intimidating for many neophytes on the internet; you’re in good company), take a class, or better yet, get a friend to help you.  Many colleges and libraries and seniors’ centers offer free or very inexpensive help to seniors.  Look for one-on-one help to get you started, preferably someone who understands your need to go slowly and simply.  If the first helper doesn’t work out for you, try someone else.  Don’t give up.  And be sure to ask for help here.

Be sure to come back for the next post on conquering your blogging fears.  Links to the entire series can be found here.

Question of the Day:  What risks are you concerned about, related to blogging?  Tell us in the comments below, and we’ll help you!

Tip of the Day:  Start small.  Remember, even the blogging gurus, who have hundreds of thousands – or millions – of followers, started small themselves.  And you can decide how big (or small) you’ll let your blog grow.

Put it into Action:  Since you’re now putting your fears behind you, it’s time to start thinking about YOUR new blog!  What will your blog be about?  Who will your target audience be?  How often will you post?  What are your goals?  Sit down right now and write, write, write in your blogging binder – list everything you can think of relating to YOUR blog!

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