A to Z’s of conquering blogging fear – V to Z and Conclusion

Yes, you CAN conquer these blogging fears : V____, Writing isn’t good enough, X____, Y____, Z____


Fear not!  Even the world’s greatest writers never stop improving.  That’s why they’re so great.  You may just be learning to write, but remember this:  to write well, write!  If you are afraid to write publicly, you can still start a blog.  Write blog posts, play around with the design, try out different things.  You can “do” the blog without actually “publishing” (think of it as a “scratch pad” or “private journal” or “rough draft” site).  Or you can keep the blog private, limiting it only to people you choose, people you trust right now with your writing efforts.

Ask trusted people to critique your writing and mentor you; take classes; go back and rework your old posts.   As your writing improves, you can add more people to your list, or even go “public.”  Practice for a while if you like, but don’t get caught there.  You really do need to start “publishing” your blog posts!  Your readers are awaiting you!

In conclusion:

  • Even if you decide to take some classes, or do a “practice blog” first, or read some more information on this blog – don’t procrastinate for too long.  Set yourself a date on which YOU WILL START YOUR BLOG.  Make that date sooner than later – within the next month or two at the most.
  • Authors and writers write.  Serious writers and authors write every day.  Blogs are the perfect place to keep at it.  They are an excellent motivator, a great place to build the daily writing habit. Set up your blog, and get into the habit.  Practice your writing every day.  Even if you’re already a published writer, your daily writing at your blog can only make you a better writer – and increase your readership.  Go for it!

I really like what Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger fame, has to say about this whole fear-of-blogging-thing :

Sometimes as more established bloggers those of us who have been around for a while come off as being more polished and qualified than we really are. The reality is that most of us are pretty normal and ordinary people….
For me the key is not to be put off by the achievements of others but to focus upon who you are and how you can be useful to others. Learn from those who may have gone before – but don’t become distracted by them. Instead work hard on who you are and what you’re doing.
Keep in mind that blogging and the social media space is not really owned by anyone – none of us really ‘belong’ any more than anyone else. To put it more positively – we all belong and have as much right to the space as each other. 10 years ago the blogosphere didn’t really exist. 5 years back ‘social media’ was hardly a blip on the radar.
We’re all still finding our way in this space and there’s plenty of room for more to join us.

WHAT ARE YOUR FEARS?  Why not write them in the comments below?  And then look at what others fear, and encourage them by showing them how those fears can be handled and overcome.  I’ve listed 17 examples in the a to z of conquering blog fears.  Can you add 9 more?  We need fears for: g j k o u v x y z!  How creative are you?  Send me your ideas, and I’ll add them.  Be sure to add a short bio and your blog or website address so we can give you credit!

Links to the entire series on conquering your blogging fears can be found here.

Question of the day : What is holding you back?  Conquer it now!

Tip of the day :  Don’t let your fears cause you to procrastinate.  You do have unique, important viewpoints.  Share them with the world.  Start now!

Put it into action : If you skipped over the “What are your fears?” advice above, go back and read it again right now.  And put it into action – NOW!


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