What is a blog niche?

This is post #2 in the series: CHOOSING A NICHE

 “What is a blog niche?” you ask; “And why do I need to choose one anyway?  Why can’t I just get busy and start writing?”  Good questions.  Here are some answers.

Dictionaries define “niche” in various ways.  For example, a niche is:

A position or role in life, with its associated needs:
– a position in life or role which is particularly well suited for a particular individual or group
– a particular role, or relational position, taken by an individual or group (human or animal) in its community and/or environment
– the stated needs of an organism, such as food, housing, and emotional and relational needs.  The survival requirements and way of life of an individual or group.

A “target market” in business:
– a specialized corner of a market on which a specific product focuses, aiming to know and satisfy the needs of that market subset
– a section of a market tailored to users with a specific interest.
– expertise with respect to the competition

From these definitions, what can we say about a blog niche? How about this:

A blog niche is:

  • The topic or subject on which a blog focuses.
  • This topic is particularly well suited for the interests and needs of its target group,  the individuals who will read it, learn from it, and interact with it.
  • Those individuals are part of a larger group (community) which shares those needs and interests.  Those needs could be physical, economic, relational, intellectual, spiritual, or other needs.
  • A strong, successful blog chooses and focuses in-depth on one particular interest and/or need.
  • The blog writer aims to discover a specific need or interest of his or her target niche, that also matches a need or interest of his or her own.
  • Then the blogger provides a product that will meet those needs.  That product starts with the blog itself.  Then the blog writer may develop other related products to give away or sell to the readers.
  • The writer is part of the niche group, and through the blog a relationship develops between the writer and the other niche members that meets the needs and interests of all the members of the niche community.

Yes, there are some complicated terms and concepts in that definition.  But don’t worry.  In the upcoming posts in this series, we will break it down for you.  We will explore in clear detail the various aspects of defining and developing your very own niche for your blog.  Keep posted!

Question of the day: How would you define a blog niche?  Add your definition in the comments section of this post.

Tip of the day:  A blog niche is not all that different from other niches in life.  What other niches have you experienced or developed?  Think about what you can apply from those niches to your blog niche.

Put it into action:  Have you come up with any niche ideas for your new blog?  Jot them down right now in your blog notebook.  Then compare each idea with the definition suggested above.  Does your idea fit within the parameters of the definition?  Try to fine-tune your idea to fit the definition, and write the fine-tuned idea down as well.

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