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This is post #5 in the series:  CHOOSING A NICHE

In our last post, we discussed why the blog niche you choose needs to be of interest to you.  Today we discuss why you also need to write your blog for others.  Remember, a successful blog is a relational, community blog.  It’s not just about you – even if you are using the blog to promote your favorite project or even to promote yourself!

Blogs are community-minded:

Blogs, by their very nature, are made to be read, enjoyed, and used  by others.  Blogs are relational and community-minded.  It might sound awfully obvious, but it bears repeating:  focus on your audience.  Without them you have a diary, not a blog.

The WIIFM Factor:

WIIFM : “What’s in it for me?”  Your potential audience are all humans.  And humans have a strong propensity to seek out that which helps and interests themselves.  Even when someone is, for example, looking for information on how to help another, that someone still needs the information personally before using it to help the other.  So you, dear blogger, need to always keep the reader’s WIIFM question in mind!

Meet their needs:

Know your audience.  Sit down right now and write a detailed description of your one ideal reader.  Gender, age, religion, race, favorite genres, education, travels, employment, hair style, sense of humour.  And write down exactly what he or she wants and needs to know about your general topic.  Exactly, precisely.  What writing style, pictures, length of posts appeal to this person?  Focus your content to your ideal audience.  If you give them what they need, they’ll come back for more, and tell others about you as well.

Be their “go to” person :

Don’t try to be everything to everyone.  Be the best blogger out there on one specific topic that will grab the attention of a specific group of people.  Be so good at that niche that people will see you as the number one “go to” person for that topic.

Successful marketing :

By their nature, blogs are also a marketing tool.  You might be selling an actual product or service, or you just might be selling yourself or your enthusiasm for your project.  But selling of any sort requires a market.  If you don’t meet the needs and interests of your potential readers, you won’t have any.  *Poof*  There goes your sales!

Question of the day: What is your own favorite blog or website?  Why do you like it so much?  What appeals to YOU?  Now think about other folks.  What in your blog niche is going to appeal to your blog audience?  What can you provide that is special for them?

Tip of the day:  Always keep the needs, questions, interests, and desires of your audience in mind, both for your blog niche itself, and for the posts you write about that niche topic.

Put it into action: Go back to the paragraph above entitled “Meet their needs.”  Do the exercise, right now, in your blog notebook.  And then, why not share YOUR ideal reader description with us, in the comments section below?  Thanks 🙂

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