making your niche uniquely yours

This is post #9 in the series:  CHOOSING A NICHE

In our post, “How Can I Find My Blog’s Niche,” we talked in general terms about some of the qualities you might have that would make you uniquely qualified to create a blog in a particular niche area.  It might be your passion for the topic, your educational and/or employment background, various life experiences, your emotional makeup, your leadership ability, your writing or other communication skills, or any number of other qualities related in some way to your topic.

Then, in our “Mind-mapping” posts, we had you narrow down to two or three niche topic ideas, and then explore those ideas in depth.  Examining your mind map will help you to figure out aspects of a topic which you are particularly passionate about.

Today, we will help you determine more precisely your own unique qualities, and then match them to those topics you are considering as your blog niche.  Put those together, and you are on your way to a great blog niche custom-designed for and by you.

TentBlogger  John Saddington has written an excellent post in his Developing Great Blog Content series, in which he discusses how “Great Blogs Find Focus in These Three Areas: Passion, Expertise, and Unique Value.”   Listen to what he says about your unique value as a person and writer:

The last area of focus for your blog and your blog’s content is an intangible good that ends up being the “secret sauce” to many great blogs and this is it: A blogger’s ability to not only identify but also capitalize on their unique value as a person and writer is what propels them forward out of mediocrity and into something that is anything but mediocre.

John goes on to ask:

What’s really going to help you stand out besides the great content? What’s that intangible good that only you have? That unique identifier that puts you in a class all by yourself?

Here are some questions John suggests you ask yourself:

•Was I born with something that not many others have?
•Did I grow up in an area of the world that gives me a unique character trait and/or perspective?
•Do I have a unique skill set that most others do not?
•Do I have a really “different” family or family experience or situation that I can capitalize on?
•Do I have a skill or talent that I’ve learned to use in unconventional ways?
•Does my career path seem like an absolute maze to everyone except me?
•Have I survived something catastrophic or just simply bizarre?
•Do I have a strength or talent that I use in a unique way?

Questions of the day:  What questions can you come up with that will help you determine if you have unique qualities and experiences that, together with your passion and expertise, will make you stand out from the crowd in your niche? Why not help us all out by listing your questions in the comments section.  And take a look at the questions others have asked there.

Tip of the day:  While you are at it, you should definitely talk to family members and close friends who you know will support your quest to be a blogger, but who will also be honest about your niche choices and your base of knowledge and skills.  Share your idea with them.  Ask them for their reactions and recommendations. Ask them what qualities they think you have that will help you succeed in your chosen niche.  Sometimes others know us better than we know ourselves.

Put it into action:  Jot down your answers to all those questions.  Add the input from your family and friends. What qualities have you listed that show you are uniquely qualified to create a blog that stands out in this niche area?  Are there any other qualities you can develop?

Great resources to check out:  Go and read John Saddington’s post  right now.  He gives all kinds of great ideas and examples.  You’ll want to explore his whole Developing Great Blog Content series too.

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