you’ve chosen your niche now move forward

This is post #10 in the series:  CHOOSING A NICHE

If you have worked through this series on “Choosing a Niche,” by now you have chosen a good niche, one that you are truly passionate about, that you have competency in, that truly meets  needs of your readers, and that suits your qualities so well that your blog will stand out and be successful!  Now it’s time to look forward.  Here are some tips to get you going.

Get started and stay focused:
As you make sure that every post focuses on some aspect of your niche, readers will be able to take one quick look at your blog and instantly know what it is really about and how it can help them.

Reach out to your community:
And if every post meets a need related to your niche topic, or answers a question about it – in your own unique voice, in your own unique way – your readers will stay, and explore, and will keep coming back for more.  They’ll make comments, and ask questions, and tell other people about your blog.  They’ll become active members of your community.  And your blog – and you – will be successful!

Keep moving forward:
But don’t just rest on your laurels.  If you do, your success will dwindle away, and so will your blog.  Keep moving forward.  Take action.  Keep learning and sharing.  Explore new territory.  Come up with creative new solutions to your readers’ needs.

Implement your ideas in your own life:
Use your solutions in your own life and in your own blog. Implement them yourself.  Let your community see you grow and develop.  Let them see your ideas in action.

Progress vs perfection:
Have a general plan, and some measurable goals.  But don’t get hung up on them.  Seek progress rather than perfection.

Live the adventure:
And be open to exploring twists and turns in the road, if they will serve the needs of your audience.  Keep your original niche topic firmly in mind, but let it take you in unexpected directions, too.

Tips to build your new blog:

  • Provide plenty of variety in your posts, even as your focus on your niche.
  • Narrow down to a particular aspect (remember the mind-map?) and then narrow, and narrow againWrite on details that others usually ignore.
  • Find interesting, unusual angles that will attract your particular readers and relate to their lives and needs.
  • Keep your posts to the point.  If a post is getting too long and detailed, divide it up into a series.
  • Keep an eye on other blogs in your general niche area, and see what trends are developing; do the same with news reports, books in your genre, and all other aspects of your research.
  • Include personal stories, both successes and struggles.  Your readers are interested in you, and will relate their lives to your life. Occasionally surprise your readers with a post that is uniquely you, that shows an aspect of your life or an interest that they didn’t know about or expect.
  • Look both forward and backward in your niche area.  What has happened in the past that is affecting the present?  What do you think is coming in the future?  What ideas do you have to direct future developments or solve problems before they develop?  Be knowledgeable about the long-term picture, and ride the edge of the wave that is rolling forward.
  • Involve your community.  Get involved in conversations through responding to readers’ comments on your blog, through your own comments on other related blogs, and through the use of social networks like Facebook, Google+ and so on.  Guest post on other blogs, and invite your community to guest post on your blog – you’ll end up with interesting new viewpoints, new voices, new flavours.
  • Offer more than just your daily blog posts.  Make sure your blog is available by RSS, and start an email newsletter.  Create digital products like reports, ebooks, webinars; and develop physical products too.  Write more books.  Invent something useful.

We’ll be talking more about all these exciting aspects of developing your niche.  Keep posted!  Visit often, sign up for the RSS feed, and watch for new email newsletters and other products arriving here soon.

Question of the day:  So you have any questions about blog niches which we haven’t covered?  Let us know in the comments, so we can help you find answers.  By the way, we have 3 more posts coming up in this series: niche ideas for authors, niche ideas for seniors, and how to stay focused on your niche.

Tip of the day:  If you’ve been in “theory” mode up to now, it’s time to take action!  You have your niche; now it’s time to start that blog.

Put it into action:  Wondering how to actually “create” your blog?  If you missed our article on this “how-to” topic, go to it right now, check out the resources, make a decision on which platform to use, and then choose an appropriate tutorial and get your blog started!  (Of course of you still have lots to learn, and we’ll be giving you all kinds of tips, but actual doing is the most effective way to learn).

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