Why a blog is important for authors

This is post #11 in the series: CHOOSING A NICHE
It is also post #1 in this mini-series: Niche Ideas for Author Blogs

It is important for an author to develop his or her own niche that features the brand and platform that will make the author successful.

In this mini-series, we will look at some aspects of niches for author blogs.  This mini-series contains the following topics:

  1. Why a blog is important for authors (and want-to-be-authors) – this post!
  2. Some tips on creating your author niche and platform
  3. What niche topics might your author blog focus on?
  4. Links to useful posts about author blogs

So why are blogs important for authors and want-to-be-authors?  Here are some reasons:

  • Blogs are an excellent way to share your brand; for people to learn more about you, your writing, and your values.  So you need to know yourself – your strengths, your goals, what you can offer people, what kind of audience will be attracted to you and your work – and use that knowledge to reach out to potential readers.
  • Blogging can create high-quality relationships with your target audience.  And those relationships will grow and spread.  So be sincere, honest and authentic; be who you are.
  • Building a readership base is vital to be considered by publishers; and for your books to be considered by others than close friends and family
  • Blogs attract faithful readers and supporters who share your interests and point of view, and who will end up buying your books and recommending them to others
  • While a static author website is useful, a blog (attached to the website, or as a separate site) has some special attractions for authors.  Google loves blogs because they feature regular updates and new content, so you’ll attract more people through search engine searches.  Also, because you write regularly, readers get a good sense of your style.  And as you drop little bits about yourself and what’s happening in your life, your readers will become more and more interested in you – and in your writing.
  • Blogs are great networking devices.  You can connect with readers, authors, agents, and other people who share your interests.
  • Publishers do far less marketing for writers than in the past.  You are the one who really cares about your book, and it is up to you to build interest in your book and in you as an author.
  • The majority of self-publishing marketing is done on-line these days.  That is where readers are going to look for information on new self-published books. Your blog will help you establish your brand and help potential readers find you.
  • Although it takes only a few minutes to set up a blog and start blogging, it does take time to build up content and get search engines to take you seriously.  To get search traffic to really come your way when you get your book published, an already well-developed blog makes a big difference.
  • A blog is a great place to show your expertise.  Build a body of published work in your specialty area(s) before (and after) you publish your book, and your readers are more likely to purchase your book because they are already convinced that you are an authority in the topic or genre.
  • Your blog will prepare you to publish your next book to an eager and waiting community of fans.
  • Blogs are a great way to reach potential readers who you will not be able to meet personally through other marketing means.  Due to their conversational style, blogs can make the reader feel that they know you personally even though you don’t get to meet face to face.

Stay tuned to this mini-series for more about author blogs, and how to develop an author blog niche.

Question of the day:  What methods do you use, as an author, to market yourself and your books?  Have you tried on-line methods, like blogging, yet?  Why or why not?

Tip of the day: Go to this Author Blog Awards page, and check out the links for some award-winning author blogs.

Put it into action: As you check out the award-winning author blogs, jot down ideas you can use on your own blog.  And for each idea, jot down one or two ideas of how you could use it creatively and uniquely on your blog.

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