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This is post #14 in the series: CHOOSING A NICHE
It is also post #4 in the mini-series: Niche Ideas for Author Blogs

The following links  are some very helpful posts about author blogs.  I have learned a lot from them – and borrowed a few of their ideas in this series.  But if you check out these posts, you will learn a lot more in-depth!  I hope you will enjoy them.

5 Reasons Authors Should be Blogging Right Now – by Joel Friedlander

13 Mistakes Authors Make on Their Blogs – by Denise Wakeman

Advice For Christian Authors – by Frank Viola

Blogs: 10 Reasons Authors Should Have One – by Joanna Penn

How to Discover and Build Your Author Brand – by Joanna Penn

How to Blog for Authors and Writers – by Joanna Penn

Should You Be Blogging to Help Build Your Writing Career or is it a Waste of Time?  – by Justine Musk

The Author’s Dilemma: To Blog or Not to Blog – by Claire E White

If you are interested in articles directly related to marketing your books on your blog, I recommend you go to a search engine (like Google or Bing) and make a search for a phrase such as: blog marketing tips for authors.

Question of the Day: Have you found helpful articles about authors’ blogs on other sites?  Why not tell us about them in the comments below!

Tip of the Day:  I have just learned a useful lesson.  If you are using a free platform (like, which is the platform this blog is on), read the Terms of Service and the Advertising Policy very carefully.  Try to figure out what might break those rules, even if it’s only very slightly related!

For example, yesterday I included a link to a website of a company which has products that deal directly with internet marketing.  I only included it as an informational item, and in no way was trying to “sell” their product.  But it resulted in my blog being “deactivated” for several hours, until I was able to sort the misunderstanding out with WordPress.

So when it comes to talking about “marketing” your books, I will from now on be carefully avoiding references/links to sites that might be seen as breaking the Terms of Service related to not using sites as a marketing tool.  That is why, as you’ll notice in the post above, I suggested if you want that kind of information, use one of the search engines to find those kinds of sites!

Put it into Action:  Read the articles linked to in this post.  While you’re at it, check out their sites – you’ll find lots more useful information as you work on building your author blog.

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