Niche ideas for seniors blogs – Part 2

This is post #16 in the series: CHOOSING A NICHE

In Part 1 of “Niche Ideas for Seniors” we talked about how many seniors blog, reasons for seniors to blog, and some interesting articles about seniors blogging.  Today we’ll give you a list of some of the niches that other seniors are already using for their blogs. We’ll also point you to some lists of seniors blogs you can check out, and we’ll talk a bit about writing by hand vs writing on computer.

Some niches seniors are using for their blogs:

  • Relationships: Parent care, parenting and child care, empty nesters, sexuality and aging, family, housing, email pals, memorials, dating, reuniting with old friends, electronic greeting cards, grandparenting, alternative lifestyles, parenting grandchildren, sandwich generation, social networking
  • Travel, hobbies, personal interests: world travel, hobbies, travel stories and information, ex pat lifestyles, active lifestyles, activism, lifestyle options, computer tips and tricks, warnings against scams, sports, games, organizing your home and life, personality profiles, how technology affects aging, snow birds, moving to tropical islands, gardening, pets
  • Health: nursing homes, dementia/Alzheimer’s, health and fitness, disabilities, diabetes, health insurance, discount drugs, drug advice, patient assistant programs, hearing loss, blindness, nutrition, health foods and supplements, hospice and preparing for death, hospitals, aging gracefully, safety for seniors, brain exercises for a healthy mind, exercise, assisted living and other housing and care options
  • Genres: humor, personal diary/journal, insights, anecdotes, local interest stories, memories & reminiscences, photos, videos, alternative news, music, book reviews, national and international news and views, discussion boards, genealogy, literary articles and commentary, gossip and trivia, opinionated ranting, short stories, poetry
  • Business and finance: finances, consumer guides, social security, disability insurance, employment opportunities, resumes, home based business, international job opportunities, shoppers bargains, price comparison sites, government benefits programs, banking, insurance, investments, career changes, customer service and complaints, dealing with telemarketers, living on a fixed income, identity theft, retirement planning, working in the traditional retirement years, overcoming recession losses, generational concerns in the workplace, encore careers (moving into work with social value)
  • Personal: values, interests, passions, wit and wisdom, creativity, self-discovery, giving back, self-esteem, life management, life lessons, memoirs, inspiration, renewal rather than retirement, contributing
  • Other popular topics: politics, religion, spirituality, arts, government sites and information, seniors organizations, philosophy, history, veterans information, elders law, online learning (courses, resources, seminars, lectures), online reference materials and sites, wars and military, culture, new technologies, beauty tips, Hollywood (movies, films, theatre, dance, etc), volunteering, regional blogs, mission trips, ageism

Which of these topics are of interest to you?  What can you share about your favorite topic that has a unique slant, or an interesting form of presentation, or involves your own one-of-a-kind experiences or stories?  What other niches (topics) can you think of?  You are a wonderful, experienced, unique, valuable member of society!  Why not share yourself via your own blog?

Want to check out some blogs by and/or for seniors?  Here are some excellent lists of seniors’ sites:

And one last tip:  Some seniors argue, “I’d rather write on paper than type on a computer.”  Well, why not?  Even many young bloggers do their note-taking, and also write their blog post drafts, with pen on paper before transferring their writing to their blog.  After all, there is strong evidence that you retain information better by handwriting than by typing.  In fact, “digital distraction” means your brain doesn’t work as well if you’re in front of a screen all the time.

It is also easy and fast to jot down notes in a little notebook you carry in your pocket, and you don’t have to worry about batteries or plug-ins or computer crashes.  And if folks see you jotting down notes in public places, you’re bound to get them curious! If you’re a pen-and-paper writer (as I am – after all my username is “penandpapermama”), check out this article, and this one.  They will encourage you, even as you learn to transfer your hand-written work to your computer and on to your blog. And if you don’t have a clue how to use a computer, here are some great how-to resources, especially for seniors:

Question of the day: What niche have you decided upon for your own seniors blog?  Tell us about it in the comments below – and give us a link to your new blog!

Tip of the day: Check out other seniors blogs for ideas.  What blogs really appeal to you?  What blogs do you really like that are in your niche area?

Put it into action:  Subscribe to blogs that appeal to you, and blogs you like that are in your niche area – get on their email newsletter list, or sign up for their RSS feeds.  Comment on posts that interest you; it’s a great way to get to know other bloggers, and other blog readers!

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