Don’t lose your focus!

This is the final post in the series: CHOOSING A NICHE

By now, if you’ve been following this “Choosing Your Blog Niche” series, you’ve probably come up with a great niche, and hopefully you’ve taken the leap and started your blog.

Just one last tip:  Don’t lose your focus!

Over time, you’ll probably be tempted to wander off into other areas.  You might develop a new interest in life, or some current event might get your attention, and you become so excited about it that you want to tell everybody.  Or you might run out of ideas for writing about your niche area, or reach the limits of your personal expertise, and rather than expending the effort to research or do whatever it takes to reinvigorate yourself and build upon your expertise in that area, you become tempted to start writing about something else.  And sometimes, someone in your audience will try to take you down a “rabbit trail” in your comments section, and you’ll be tempted to start engaging that topic in your posts.  Perhaps you simply become discouraged in the early stages of your blog because you haven’t gotten the level of instant response and acclaim you’d hoped for.

If you want your loyal audience to stay loyal, you need to keep focused on what it is that attracted them in the first place.  When you go off onto other topics, it won’t take long for them to become bored or disgruntled, and move along to another blogger who is providing them with information they need, and not wasting their precious time.

Furthermore, you’ll find yourself losing your own passion for your niche if you start spending time on other topics, , and you may simply end up giving up altogether on your blog.

What should you do if you start losing your focus?

  • It is better to gradually spread out your posts (say, to posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, rather than daily) than to start adding posts that wander from your niche focus, if your problem is a temporary lack of interest or distraction.  When you have more time, energy, and/or interest, you can increase your posting again.
  • Before you totally give up on your niche, take some time to go back to your planning notes, and to your early posts.  Try to analyze what it was that had you so engaged in that topic.  Remember what the core of your blog really was.  Figure out where you started to go astray, and why that happened.  Then try to get back on track.
  • If you’ve run out of ideas, or reached the limits of your own expertise, start researching and studying, and get more involved in your niche in practical ways, and you’ll no doubt find your passion returning.
  • But if you then discover that you really have lost interest in maintaining your blog in that niche, be honest with yourself and your readers.  Perhaps one of your readers would like to buy (or take over) your blog.  Or a group from your audience might offer to provide posts on a regular basis. If you are still interested in your niche, but have become really passionate about another topic, consider starting a separate blog on the new topic, and keep your present blog focused on its own niche.

John Saddington, at, has written an excellent post, “Great Blogs Find Focus in These 3 Areas: Passion, Expertise, and Unique Value.”  In this post he discusses in-depth how to keep your focus in your blog.  I highly recommend you read his article now, before you start suffering from lack of focus. But of course, if you’re already wandering from your focus, also be sure to read his article right away, and get back on track!

Focus, focus, focus!

Question of the day: What causes you to lose focus in other aspects of your life?

Tip of the day: Be aware of those “distractions” in relation to your blog, as well.

Put it into action: Read John Saddington’s excellent post on keeping your focus.

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