Planning your blog content

Have you found your niche, and created your blog yet? If you haven’t actually set up your new blog yet, it is time to get started. The “mechanics” of starting a blog can be very easy, even if you are still a bit nervous of the technology of the internet.

If you want some great help in setting up your first blog, go to our post, “Resources on the Mechanics of Blogging.”  There you will find links to excellent tutorials on how to set up a blog on each of the major blog platforms, or on community-type blog platforms. Whether you prefer to learn from written instructions with pictures, or from videos; whether you prefer to learn from the platform’s own instructions, or from bloggers who are experienced users of those platforms; we promise that you’ll be able to find a helpful tutorial site, to help you start your very own blog!

Our upcoming posts will focus on producing content for your blog. Every successful blogger will tell you that “content is king!” As we walk you through planning your blog content, we will cover the following important topics:

  • Your Blog’s Domain Name
  • Does it Matter What Theme I Choose?
  • Different Kinds of Posts
  • Flagship Content
  • Evergreen Content
  • How to Write Truly Engaging Content
  • Hints on Research
  • How to Come Up with Awesome Post Topics
  • How to Write Great Blog Post Titles
  • How to Write Great Headlines in Your Post
  • How to Start Your Post with a Bang
  • How Long Should Your Posts Be?
  • Keep Each Post Focused
  • What Does Style Have to Do with Great Posts?
  • Post Usability
  • How to Handle Controversial Topics
  • How Frequently Should You Post?
  • Categories and Tags
  • What are Keywords and Do They Matter?

In our very next post we’ll start off with choosing your domain name. This is one of the most important blog decisions you will make. If you’ve already chosen a name, you might still want to check out this topic. If you discover there are potential problems with the name you’ve chosen, it is best to make changes in the early stages of your blog. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes, and the more problems it can cause for you and your blog. If you haven’t chosen a name yet, you’ll definitely want to make the best choice possible, so be sure to check out our advice.

Question of the day:  Have you checked out the different blog platforms yet?  Which one do you plan to use?  Why did you choose it?  Tell us your choice, and your reasons, in the comments section below.

Tip of the day:  Your blog domain name is very important.  Be sure to check our advice in the next post.

Put it into action:  Choose your platform, and sign up for your blog.  Get advice from our post, Resources on the Mechanics of Blogging.  Then come back here each day as we walk you step by step through the process of naming your blog, designing it, and creating great posts and pages.

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