Your blog’s domain name – part 1

As you plan your blog, you will want to choose the best domain name possible.  That domain name will be your URL (uniform – or universal – resource locator), the address that readers will use to reach your blog.  Obviously, you will want a domain name that is easy to remember, that clearly describes you and/or your blog niche and focus, and that will bring readers to you, not to someone else.

In this mini-series, “Your Blog’s Domain Name“, we will discuss the following aspects of this extremely important decision:

Part 1: (this post):
Why is my blog domain so important?
Should I use my own name?

Part 2:
How can I create a good domain name?

Part 3:

Should my domain name be the same as my website/blog name?
What kind of TLD (top level domain) should I use?
Can I use any name I choose?
What if I cannot get the domain name I want?

Part 4:
Is it okay to use a cost-free domain?
Should I buy up extra domain names relevant to my blog?
Some excellent articles about domain names

So… on with Part 1:

Why is my blog domain name so important?

  • It is your identification, the key to your Internet presence.
  • It helps you focus your content: it’s the foundation of your site.
  • It establishes your brand and relates to your business and/or other activities.
  • It is the first thing your readers and new visitors see.
  • It communicates the type of content of your blog.

So, if at all possible: get your domain name before you start your site and/or related business!

Should I use my own name?

  • Not unless you are already a well-known personality – and even then you need to think about factors like the possibility of changing your name down the line (getting married, perhaps), or if your name is hard to spell or pronounce, or has an “interesting” meaning in some language!  And what if you want to sell your blog or pass it on to your kids down the line?
  • But you should still choose a name that is “you,” related to you as a person, and related to the content and focus of your blog.

Question of the Day:  Have you created a list of possible domain names for your blog?  Or are you just going to go with the first name you’ve thought of?

Tip of the Day:  Choosing your domain name is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your blog.  Take it seriously!

Put it into Action:  Make a list of lots of possible blog names – and then measure them up to the advice you’ll find in this 4 part mini-series (be sure to read the next 3 posts!).  Then ask people you trust to help you choose your domain name from your short list.

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