About this blog

Welcome to blog basics 4 total beginners.  I’ve created this blog especially for you, to help you overcome your fear of computers and the internet, and to show you how, very simply, you can create your own blog site.

My name is Norma J Hill, aka penandpapermama.  You may well have met me at other locations on the internet:

You may also have encountered me as a writer of magazine articles and newspaper columns, as a school teacher or tutor – or even personally.

Are you afraid of computers and the internet?

  • You are worried you might press the wrong key, and the computer will go up in smoke, or all your work will just disappear.
  • You are afraid you will have to learn complicated codes and strange computer languages to tell your computer what to do, and to set up your blog.
  • You feel you are too old to start learning a skill that seems totally foreign to everything in your past.  You hear that you have to be able to type and think really fast.

I well remember that fear!  When I graduated from high school in 1973, and even from university in 1979, I really knew nothing about using personal computers.  When my oldest child began to use them in school, I knew I had to catch up.  I bought my first very simple computer in 1989.  Since then I have had other computers, and have learned to use computers and the internet for personal enjoyment, at work as a school teacher and as an office manager – and as a website owner and a blogger.  I got over my fear – you can get over your’s too!  That’s why I created this blog ESPECIALLY FOR YOU.

Computers have come a long way.  They have become easier and easier to use.   You really do not have to learn all that complicated “techie” stuff.  Today, with very simple “platforms” like “wordpress.com” or “blogger.com” you can just type in your article (“post”), and, if you like, you can very easily transfer (“upload”) a picture from your computer or the internet right to the article with the click of a button.  Then click on the “publish” button.  And lo and behold, your great looking post is up on the internet for all the world to enjoy.

Do people go too fast when they try to explain internet concepts to you?

  • Your children and/or grandkids have grown up with computers.  To them it’s as natural as breathing.  They get frustrated trying to help you.  They just can’t explain it simply enough for folks like you – and folks like me, an old-fashioned pen-and-paper-mama!
  • Books and internet directions are so complicated.  They assume you already have lots of background.  They use jargon – either entirely new words, or words that have totally different meanings than you’ve ever known before.
  • Courses at colleges are too expensive.  (Though you might find really helpful one-to-one help at seniors centers or public libraries.  You should check those out 🙂

Never fear!  This blog is designed to take you gently through the process of learning to blog, step-by-step, with clear explanations – starting with the Glossary for Beginning Bloggers which explains blog and internet terminology very simply.  (You can look at it right now by clicking your mouse on those blue underlined words.  To come back here and finish reading this introduction to this blog, just click on the back arrow ( <— ) at the top left corner of your computer screen).

Blogs are a wonderful activity for seniors

… and for anyone else, for that matter.  Even children can blog.  Why might you be interested in learning to blog?

  • You have worked for many years in a career, and have really useful advice to share with young workers.
  • You spent years raising your children, and would love to share your experiences and knowledge with young parents.
  • You would like to write and illustrate stories from your past so they are preserved for future generations.
  • You have developed hobbies you would like to share with others.  Maybe no one right around you seems interested.  But it is certain that somewhere out there in the world there are others who are also interested in your hobby or other interest and would love to chat with you about it.
  • You are a person of faith, and you don’t get to spend much time with your church or temple or other faith community because you are laid up.  Maybe worship styles have just changed so much, you don’t feel comfortable any more.  Maybe you would love to study and learn more and share about your doctrines and beliefs.
  • Perhaps you have traveled to interesting places, and have stories and photos you would love to share with others.  Or you are an artist or crafts person and would like to post pictures of your work, and share how-to’s.

Blogging is a great way to fill all these goals, and many others as well.

Whatever you interests, no matter how unusual or unique, there are bound to be other people, all over the world, who share your same interest.  Creating a blog is a great way to find them and spend “virtual” time with them.  And you never know, maybe you’ll even end up getting to meet them in person.

Are you a writer and publisher in traditional media, and would like to explore new methods of publishing your writing?

I am especially interested in writing and blogging.  I belong to a writer’s group in my hometown.  Many of the members are seniors and they have published traditional “paper” books.  But they are finding that it’s getting harder to advertise and sell their books.  More and more, people shop for books on the internet – both traditional books, and now “e-books” that you can read on your computer or other electronic reading device.  Because this is a special interest of mine, I will often be using it as an example for setting up and using a personal blog.  But if you have a different interest of your own, and you’re puzzled as to how to develop that, be sure to let me know, and I will try to help you with it.

You can find information on how to contact me by e-mail (on computer) or by snail-mail (traditional post-office mailing), by looking on my contact page.  If anything I write puzzles you, or you want more information, be sure to contact me.

By the way….  Check out these helpful hints right now!

Each blog post in this blog is identified by a certain “category” related to different aspects of blogging.  Those categories are listed in the right-hand column of the blog.  You can click your mouse on any category name, and you will find a list of all the articles I have written that deal with that topic.

Blog posts are written in what we call “reverse chronological order” so the very beginning posts will be written first – and will therefore be at the end!  Kind of like a book in which the first chapter is at the back, and the last chapter at the front.  It takes some getting used-to, of course, but it’s not too hard.  You can get to “older” posts by clicking on the blue underlined “older posts” phrase at the bottom of each page.  But as more and more articles are posted, you will probably find it easier to find what you are looking for by clicking on one of the “category” terms – or you can type a word or phrase into the search bar, describing what you want to know about, and click on “search.”

Blogging is a great adventure!

I’m so glad you have decided to join me and the millions of other people who love to blog.  Let’s go!


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