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Table of Contents

Glossary for Beginning Bloggers

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    • What Makes This Blog Different?  It’s created for TOTAL beginners, so we’ve added features that make it extra easy to understand: this table of contents, a glossary, and very simple step by step directions and explanations.  It also has special information for AUTHOR BLOGGERS and SENIOR BLOGGERS
    • What This Blog Isn’t About This isn’t a how-to-physically-set-up-a-blog blog, or a blog for already experienced bloggers.  It also doesn’t get deeply into blog marketing, or teach coding and other deep technical subjects!  We do, however, offer links to great resources in those areas.  (Check out the “Mechanics of Blogging” post listed below in Blog Basics for how-to-physically-set-up-a-blog resources).


  • What is a blog?  series  (7 parts)
    –  difference between blogs and websites – key features of blogs – key features of websites – blog or website? your choice
  • Why blog? series  – many good reasons to blog: personal development, develop your ideas, develop your writing, help others, get noticed, network, education, business, offline opportunities
  • Why seniors should  blog – life stories worth telling, unique and valuable perspective, giving back, new adventure,
  • Why authors/writers should blog (introduction plus 5 detail posts : you like to write – build your audience – build your brand – improve your writing – start now – marketing – some excellent references)
  • The A to Z’s of conquering your fears of blogging (introduction plus 6 detail posts: affordability, blog overload, confusing, don’t know enough, energy and time, fear of failure, hackers and privacy, interaction, life issues, measure up, nothing new to say, perfectionist, questions, risk, self-conscious, technology, writing isn’t good enough)
  • But blogging isn’t for me!   Are your reasons and excuses really valid?  Find out!
  • Using old-fashioned skills in your blogging   Many of your old-fashioned skills are a valuable preparation for blogging.
  • The Mechanics of Blogging : a list of sites with written information, videos, e-books, and traditional books to help you actually set up your blog and get started.
  • Choosing a niche series:  introduction and 17 posts : what is a blog niche? – narrow your niche – write for yourself and for your audience – practical ways to determine your niche – make your niche yours – look forward – niche ideas for authors and for seniors – don’t lose your niche focus


Plan your blog content:
–  choose your domain name –

– content plan – categories and tags – flagship content
– niche research
– style guide
– set personal and professional boundaries
– calendar/content scheduling
– business plan
– check out (and continue to follow) other blogs in your niche
– name your blog and choose a good tag line – URL shortening services
– list your goals: short-term, medium-term, long-term
– create a mission statement
– will you use your name, a pseudonym, or blog anonymously
– create a file of ideas and a file of posts to use in the future

Your brand/ identity
– know yourself, be yourself – find your voice – your online presence
– know your audience’s needs
– online author platform building
– logos, avatars, your personal tag line, your elevator pitch, etc.
– being remarkable
– helping others

Technical considerations:
– blog platforms
– links to excellent tutorials
– blog curb appeal


Good content/killer content/content is king:
– good writing
– errors to avoid – writing errors,
– generate ideas
– innovative ideas
– what makes you and your blog unique?
– goal oriented content
– idea exploration, curiosity, creativity

Possible blog pages:
– evergreen content
– About page
– Archives page
– Blog map – navigation page
– FAQ page
– Policy page(s) – comment, disclosure, subscribe page, etc.

Basic steps for a blog post:
– frames and formats – series, 2 day writing method, long or short posts, lists, etc.
– headlines, blog names, titles
– introductory paragraphs
– text content – readability –
– use images – photos, clip art, graphics
– lists, quotes, and other elements
– sticky posts
– make your posts memorable
– proof-reading and editing
– showing emotion – using stories – controversial topics – use of disconnectors – what is newsworthy – humour – colour –

Start your blog:
– some excellent tutorial sites to help start your blog
– first post
– publishing process
– post follow-up
– review and reflection
– how often should you blog?


Interact with your community/readers:
– comments – commenting strategy – on your blog – on other blogs
– read other blogs in your niche regularly
– basics of social networking

Get your blog noticed/grow your readership:
– RSS feeds
– link exchanges – link bait content
– know your readers – build your ideal audience
– make some social media connections
– create signal – good blogging deeds
– make your blog sticky/memorable
– network online and offline – business cards – public speaking
– press releases etc – promote with offline media
– tools for measuring your readership and other metrics of success
– create a manifesto
– problems that make a reader leave your blog
– blog contests, surveys, etc.
– give away a free e-book or other useful product


When you get tired or discouraged:
– don’t give up immediately
– get inspiration – from magazines
– get over fear of rejection, self-doubt
– how to avoid writer’s block
– plan ahead for sick days, holidays, emergencies
– set up a regular review schedule for your blog – ie. short term reviews (monthly), mid-term (quarterly), longer-term (annually)
– improve your writing – reexamine your goals, content, etc
– mindsets that hold you back – the lizard brain aka the resistance
– nurture your creativity and reignite your fire
– reconsider your blog schedule – develop discipline
– is it possibly time to close down your blog, sell it, or re-vamp it and take it to another level?
– advice on balanced living


So you want to make money with your blog – monetization basics:
– SEO optimization
– know your potential customers
– promote your products/services
– use e-mail marketing newsletters to promote your products/services
– press releases
– legal perspectives – insurance – benefits
– some simple income streams
– market your own products – basics of product marketing and launches – consulting – public speaking – freelance writing – copywriting
– advertising – Adsense, private ads, etc.
– affiliate marketing
– good how-to blog marketing sites to check out
– training – learn the basics of business ownership – courses, self-learning, business plans, entrepreneurship basics


Take your blog to the next level:
– e-mail newsletters – e-mail subscriptions – newsletter publishing
– create how-to tutorials
– use videos or audio podcasts in your blog – use YouTube
– create a free report or mini-course
– create an e-book or PDF document for sale
– become a leader of your tribe
– add a forum or other member space to your blog
– offer to speak at conferences, workshops, etc.
– interview well-known people in your niche
– do guest posting – invite guest posters to your niche – offer to guest post on other niches
– consider outsourcing some blog responsibilities
– create lab blogs to try out new ideas
– expand your social networks
– working from home – are you ready to make your blog a business?
– chain blogs and synchroblogs
– how to publish your novel online
– do something unique – practice edgecraft

Are there other topics that fit into this blog’s niche?  Please put your ideas in the comments section below.  Thank you!


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